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Top 5 Blockchain Books To Read in 2023

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader in the blockchain space, knowing the terms, mechanisms, and technology behind it is imperative. For people who want to learn more about everything blockchain and cryptocurrency, here are the top five (5) books that you need to read.

  1. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains by Antony Lewis

Of course, you have to choose a book that tackles the very basic foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

This book perfectly introduced blockchain and crypto in an easy manner—allowing readers to understand how they work, why it’s essential, and what is their value in modern-day digitalization.

Lewis was able to eloquently describe crypto investments, crypto exchanges, digital wallets, the regulations on crypto investments, and even the risks that entail them.

  1. Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott

Don and Alex Tapscott were a father and son team who wrote Blockchain Revolution, in hopes to explain the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

According to the duo, blockchain technology will transform and revolutionize the way we see and do things online. They insinuate that blockchain will immensely improve several sectors like financial services, and improve privacy measures to keep the personal identity of users and customers.

This book also describes how the future of money, business, and transactions will be changed by blockchain, despite its infancy.

  1. Bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich

Well, for those who are looking for real-life stories of Bitcoin billionaires, this book is perfect for you. 

Bitcoin Billionaires tells stories of significant individuals who make up the wealthiest Bitcoin holders in the entire crypto history.

This book is recommended for those who want to venture into crypto investment and successfully traverse the space to their benefit.

  1. The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna

In this book, Casey and Vigna explained the potential of blockchain technology in reclaiming people’s control over their data, assets, and identities.

They wrote, “...Big banks have grown bigger and more entrenched. Privacy exists only until the next hack. Credit card fraud is a fact of life. Many of the “legacy systems” once designed to make our lives easier and our economy more efficient are no longer up to the task. Yet there is a way past all this—a new kind of operating system with the potential to revolutionize vast swaths of our economy: the blockchain.”

  1. The Blockchain Developer by Elad Elrom

The Blockchain Developer is literally a practical guide for designing, implementing, publishing, testing, and securing distributed blockchain-based projects. This book is suitable for those who dream of not only trying out how decentralized applications work but those who want to build one themselves.

This book tackles everything about blockchain development including technical discussions and detailed information on blockchain technology’s structure. It allows you to learn how to create your own blockchain, build dApps, and more. 


While blockchain development or crypto trading seems to be an alluring subject, it is crucial to be equipped with the right tools that will help you walk this path successfully. These books will help you to achieve tremendous milestones, for that matter.