Use your own crypto custom node - Hippo Wallet Custom Node

Getting Started with Hippo Custom Node

The following video shows how to connect to a custom node and send a transaction through it in the Hippo Wallet:

About Custom Node

The main purpose of Hippo Wallet is to build a fully decentralized and private wallet for crypto users worldwide. In that regard, for more control over user privacy, the Hippo Wallet enables users to connect to their node when sending a transaction.

Using your own node can offer additional peace of mind because data such as addresses and transaction records are assured to be confidential. When a user connects to his own custom node, the node is run by Hippo Wallet directly and does not keep track of the user’s data.

Hippo Wallet enables users to connect directly to their node with its URL to perform its transactions in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, etc., networks.

Benefits of Hippo Wallet’s Connect to Custom Node

Direct Connection

Users can connect directly to their node by its URL

More Security

Addresses and transaction data are never shared externally

Speedy Processing

Users will experience a bit faster transaction processing time


Users can connect to their node by its URL in the Hippo Wallet Setting.

Users can change the custom nodes or switch to Hippo default nodes in the custom node setting.

Currently, Hippo Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Tron custom nodes.

Users can add unlimited custom nodes to their nodes list.

Download & Enjoy!