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Hippo Wallet New Feature: HPO Bridge—What Is It and How Does It Work

Before diving into the new feature of Hippo Wallet, Bridging, let us first describe what a ‘Cross Chain Bridge’ is. 

Blockchain Bridges: Trusted Bridge vs. Trustless Bridge

To define, a blockchain bridge or a ‘cross-chain bridge’, connects two blockchain networks or decentralized applications to facilitate an uninterrupted transfer of assets, transactions, and information.

As each blockchain network has distinct traits and consensus models, these differences also give unique fragments of codes for developers in deploying applications. For this reason, blockchain project expansion required blockchain bridges to advance interoperability scalability, security, and decentralization to users and developers alike.

Blockchain bridges are classified into two: Trusted Bridges and Trustless Bridges.

A Trusted Bridge is governed in a centralized approach, under an operator or an entity. On the other hand, a Trustless Bridge runs in a decentralized manner; hence, does not need a central intermediary or custodian.

HPO Bridge

Our team has created HPO token Bridge, a portal for cross-chain transactions.

Users may use the HPO Bridge to transfer their HPO Tokens across the Moonbeam, Ethereum, and Binance Mainnet networks. It is cost-free; we do not charge our users any cross-chain fees on the HPO Bridge Panel.

How to Use HPO Bridge

Step 1: Go to https://panel.hpotoken.io/bridge 

Step 2: Connect your MetaMask to the HPO Bridge Panel.

Note: Soon, Hippo Wallet will be integrated into the HPO Bridge Panel.

Step 3: Put the amount of HPO Tokens you need to move.

Step 4: Choose which Blockchain Network will the token be moved from (and vice versa.)

Step 5: Click Bridge.

Among the numerous updates to the HPO Token and Hippo Wallet application is the HPO Bridge. Our team makes sure that users have everything they need to expand their portfolios, protect their assets, and receive the best services they would require. 

Learn more about our product, Hippo Wallet, our HPO ICO website, HPO Panel, and our current Hippo Wallet FIFA Campaign, now.